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Come learn about March Storm at the ISU Space Cafe

March Storm is coming!

Come join us at the next International Space University (ISU) Space Cafe on March 2 at 7 pm in downtown Washington, DC. A panel of space policy experts and citizen-advocates from March Storm will speak at the Science Club to engage the audience in a discussion about how space policy is opening up the cosmos for humankind.

Discussion topics include:

What is the real purpose of human spaceflight?  Should we be focused on the large-scale human settlement of space, perhaps even “millions of people living and working in space” like Jeff Bezos suggests?  

How might we define Cheap Access to Space? How would a multi-billion dollar Cheap Access to Space prize, funded by the federal government, work?  

What happens if the ISS is de-orbited in 2024 and we don’t have a commercial space station in LEO yet?  Should we maintain a human presence in LEO as NASA looks to Mars?  If you agree, what can we do to make sure that happens?

America could put humans back on the Moon by the end of the 2nd term of the next President, within NASA’s existing budget … If it used commercial COTS-like partnerships.  U.S. industry could mine the Moon for propellant, and lower the cost of trips to Mars.  Thoughts?”

Bring your comments, questions and concerns. We’ll see you there!

Ad astra!

Complete the Development of Commercial Crew

March Storm is coming!

Last year March Storm successfully advocated for full funding for the development of Commercial Crew. That was a huge success and it will go a long way to making sure America can launch astronauts from its own soil in the coming years. But our work is not done. Commercial Crew will likely require additional development funding before flights begin in 2017.

We are so close to having not one but two new spacecraft to send human beings into orbit. Commercial Crew is essential to our national security and achieving our goals in space, and it may also lead to more space tourism and other commercial activities in low earth orbit. Join us and help push this program over the finish line!

Register now for March Storm 2016 at www.marchstorm.com to join the movement.

Ad astra!

Help Establish a Commercial Economy in Space


March Storm is coming!

From March 13 to March 17 dozens of private U.S. citizens will again travel to Washington, D.C. — on their own time and their own dime — to advocate for a Citizens’ Space Agenda.

A key item on this year’s Citizens’ Space Agenda is to pass legislation ensuring there is no gap in the permanent human presence in space.  The International Space Station will be decommissioned in 2024 and there is currently no plan for a replacement.  Congress should take steps to encourage private space stations in low earth orbit before 2024, with NASA as an anchor customer.

This ‘gapless transition’ is a key part of the larger Commercial Space Industrialization Act (CSIA).  CSIA will also clarify space property rights and require the U.S. government to establish a market for rocket fuel in space, especially for propellant manufactured from asteroidal and lunar resources.  In short, this proposed bill will lay the groundwork for a commercial economy in space.

Excited?  We need your help!  Register now for March Storm 2016 at www.marchstorm.com to join the movement.


This Orbital Life Explains March Storm on The Space Show

Yesterday, April 21, 2015, The Space Show interviewed This Orbital Life about March Storm.


It was a very productive show.  I explained March Storm and the current status of follow up efforts.  We had several callers asking interesting questions about how this legislation will interface with U.N. treaties, how it might affect future orbital space stations, lunar development and exploration beyond Earth Orbit.  Sarah Preston, a fellow March Stormer, called with some interesting feedback – be sure not to miss that.

The host, David Livingston, was very gracious and near the end of the show gave a rousing defense of citizen engagement at both the state and Federal levels.  We here at This Orbital Life look forward to returning to the Space Show in the future to update the audience on March Storm progress.