The Other Voices In Space – Voices From L5

Space is a very exclusive club, only 536 people have left the Earth and most of those represent a very specific kind of person – We sat down with a dear friend and anthropologist Gabriel Kommissar to discuss the article “Queering Outer Space” by Micheal Oman-Reagan, a piece that questions the sort of society and voice we’re setting up in space, and wonders how we can avoid making mistakes in our representation of the planet, as well as what has been done already.

This is a bit of an unusual episode, as its more of a discussion on the paper with a third party than the usual lecture format, I hope you all enjoy it, and if not, no worries, we’ll be back to the old format next week!

Minor Correction; I refer to Sally Ride as bisexual during the show, upon revisiting sources I’d say that’s incorrect.

What do you think about all this?