Voices From L5 – Space And Art

In a new series, Voices jumps back to examine space art, a wide field covering many disciplines from garage art studios to NASA labs. In this episode, Ron Miller, a long time space artists, joins us to give a background into this fascinating world, and a history lesson in the culture surrounding it.

Look forward to more space art episodes, coming soon!

Ron Miller is the owner of Black Cat Studios and a long time space artist. His book, The Art Of Space, is available now.

2 thoughts on “Voices From L5 – Space And Art”

  1. Hey David! You’re completely right, that would make for a GREAT scene, unfortunately due to limits with podcasting and the way this gets delivered out, if I put video with the audio, things get a bit screwy on the iTunes, Feedburner side of things. When this goes up on the Youtube I’ll have some great space art up as a slideshow!

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