Voices From L5 Community Choice Episode – Space Agriculture w/ Simon Gilroy

In our very first community choice episode, Simon Gilroy joins us to discuss space botany and agriculture, and the delicate art of growing food in space.

A tremendous episode, Simon brings all sorts of fantastic stories about his work, some unexpected scientific “Aha!” moments that seem to permeate all of space science, and a whole bunch of fantastic ideas to mull over.

This episode is brought to you entirely by the folks over at our Patreon page! Last month we ran a poll and suggestions section where the community suggested a few subjects, and voted on them and this was the result. We’re going to be doing more of this sort of thing in the future, so ┬áif you’d like to get involved and help pick the next episode of Voices, click the button below and find out how!


What do you think about all this?