Voices From L5 – Al Globus

Al Globus joins us to discuss the various types of space settlement and talks about the critical research he has been involved in that might change the settlement game forever.

Sources from Al

  • “Space Settlement the Easy Way,” Al Globus, Stephen Covey, Theodore Hall, Joe Strout revised version of a presentation at ISDC 2015, May 2015. This presentation shows how the results of the next two papers — “Space Settlement Population Rotation Tolerance” and “Orbital Space Settlement Radiation Shielding” — when combined suggest that small space settlements in equatorial LEO with little or no radiation shielding may be viable.
  • “Space Settlement Population Rotation Tolerance,” Al Globus and Theodore Hall, preprint, June 2015. This paper reviews the literature to find that space settlement residents and visitors can tolerate at least four, and proabaly six, rotations per minute to achieve 1g of artificial gravity. This means settlements can be radically smaller, and thus easier to build, than previously believed.
  • “Orbital Space Settlement Radiation Shielding,” Al Globus and Joe Strout, preprint, July 2015. The major result of this paper is that settlements in low (~500 km) Earth equatorial orbits may not require any radiation shielding at all based on a careful analysis of requirements and extensive simulation of radiation effects.

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