Revised ELEO Space Hotel Concept: Solar panels, active thermal

In light of feedback received from Joe Strout I’ve revised the power and thermal management system for the ELEO Space Hotel / “proto”-settlement. Specifically, I’ve right-sized the power generation and attached the solar panels/radiators  to an axial truss, rather than integrating them into the rotating truss ring as before.

I learned that if we use a power/thermal management system with performance similar to the ISS power/thermal system, the ELEO hotel needs a LOT of solar panels!! Specifically over 20 square kilometers of solar panels! So the station has become a giant solar power station with a rotating ring attached.

I tripled the mass of the ELEO hotel PV solar system to 117,000 kg because, frankly, the calculated mass seemed too low (39,000 kg).

Here is the summary for the radiators

I also considered manufacturing. Warning! The handwaving picks up here so if brainstorming bothers you, I suggest you stop reading now.  Constructive comments of any kind are always welcome.

The 3D printer factory can theoretically manufacture a panel 5m wide by 5m long. Let’s assume the panel (both solar and radiator) is less than half a meter deep. Breaking up our massive solar array into panels that can be manufactured in such a space means 1,792 panels need to be printed. Doing the same calculation for the radiator panels means 240 panels need to be printed. Assuming one panel printed per day (very ambitious!!!) it would take over five and a half years to print every panel.  This sounds bad at first but, as the reader will see in the next post, we are assuming a station lifetime of 20 years. Full power/thermal capacity might not be needed until, say, year 10 of operation, or even later.

What do you think about all this?