Thank you to Voices from L5

It’s been a long time since I posted on This Orbital Life.  I want to thank Liam for keeping this blog going with his fantastic Voices from L5  podcast.  We pride ourselves on having a diversity of opinions. While I disagree with many of its conclusions and it’s socialist slant, I’m proud to host Voices from L5.  The space community is small and occasionally becomes an echo chamber or, at best, a discussion forum defined by two poles.  For example – do we go to the Moon or Mars?  Do we support government or commercial space?  Even if one disagrees with the opinions of its host or its guests, Voices from L5 explores entirely new aspects of space settlement beyond that which is normally heard in the space policy and development world.  And for that reason alone it is extremely valuable.  By entertaining a diversity of ideas our community will be stronger and do a better job persuading others of the benefits of space settlement.  Thank you Liam, keep it up.

What do you think about all this?