Come learn about March Storm at the ISU Space Cafe

March Storm is coming!

Come join us at the next International Space University (ISU) Space Cafe on March 2 at 7 pm in downtown Washington, DC. A panel of space policy experts and citizen-advocates from March Storm will speak at the Science Club to engage the audience in a discussion about how space policy is opening up the cosmos for humankind.

Discussion topics include:

What is the real purpose of human spaceflight?  Should we be focused on the large-scale human settlement of space, perhaps even “millions of people living and working in space” like Jeff Bezos suggests?  

How might we define Cheap Access to Space? How would a multi-billion dollar Cheap Access to Space prize, funded by the federal government, work?  

What happens if the ISS is de-orbited in 2024 and we don’t have a commercial space station in LEO yet?  Should we maintain a human presence in LEO as NASA looks to Mars?  If you agree, what can we do to make sure that happens?

America could put humans back on the Moon by the end of the 2nd term of the next President, within NASA’s existing budget … If it used commercial COTS-like partnerships.  U.S. industry could mine the Moon for propellant, and lower the cost of trips to Mars.  Thoughts?”

Bring your comments, questions and concerns. We’ll see you there!

Ad astra!

What do you think about all this?