Help Establish a Commercial Economy in Space


March Storm is coming!

From March 13 to March 17 dozens of private U.S. citizens will again travel to Washington, D.C. — on their own time and their own dime — to advocate for a Citizens’ Space Agenda.

A key item on this year’s Citizens’ Space Agenda is to pass legislation ensuring there is no gap in the permanent human presence in space.  The International Space Station will be decommissioned in 2024 and there is currently no plan for a replacement.  Congress should take steps to encourage private space stations in low earth orbit before 2024, with NASA as an anchor customer.

This ‘gapless transition’ is a key part of the larger Commercial Space Industrialization Act (CSIA).  CSIA will also clarify space property rights and require the U.S. government to establish a market for rocket fuel in space, especially for propellant manufactured from asteroidal and lunar resources.  In short, this proposed bill will lay the groundwork for a commercial economy in space.

Excited?  We need your help!  Register now for March Storm 2016 at to join the movement.


What do you think about all this?