Jupiter Ascending: Dinosaurs and Starfighters? Sure, why not?!

The Wachoskis made a pretty good flick, if you can tolerate the terrible acting. But honestly who watches a movie with Channing Tatum for the acting? No one smart, that’s who.

Bad actor sez wut? Image Credit: Warner Brothers
Bad actor sez wut? Image Credit: Warner Brothers

No, the reason you need to see Jupiter Ascending is for the special effects, plain and simple.  It’s a classic universe-sized space opera with laser-filled dogfights, enormous battle cruisers, orbit-spanning space stations and lots of leather pants. They even figured out a way to squeeze a bunch of talking CGI dinosaurs into this movie. And it kinda works.

Lots of great eye candy in this flick. And Mila Kunis.  Image credit: Warner Brothers.
Lots of great eye candy in this film. Image credit: Warner Brothers.

The plot is just good enough to keep you interested between apocalyptic space battles (spoiler alert: downtown Chicago gets riddled by blaster fire) and speeches by villains with British accents.

Bottom line, this is a great Friday night popcorn movie and well worth renting or buying on Amazon. Spring for the HD and watch it on a big screen if you can. Enjoy!



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